Hey 👋, I'm
Product Designer



Founder and lead designer of a boutique product design agency specializing in AI, cybersecurity, SaaS, and healthtech.

Transforming complex ideas into beautiful digital products by joining forces with tech startups and product teams, using user-centered design sprints.

Founder and lead instructor of an online design courses academy.

Unlock your potential: Empowering digital designers with winning team secrets. Elevate your career through mastering side skills for professional growth!

Creator and designer of NFT collection for poker players.

Answer 10 fun questions and find out the type of poker player you are from this special NFT collection of 300 unique characters.

Hey 👋,
I’m Adam.

I am a passionate product designer who enjoys seeing how the experiences I create make the work of millions around the world easier and bring them joy and happiness into their lives.

I also love to teach others things I’ve learned and to inspire them.

Latest Articles, Podcasts & Lectures

Mainly about product design, methodologies and technology.

Be kind.
Stay safe.

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